Private Managed Investment Fund Operator

Founded by Ben Poirier and Adib Murshed, the contemporary Mucho Holdings Company is a not-for-profit consolidated multinational private managed conglomerate investment fund operator headquartered in Canada with additional legal status in the United States of America, the Commonwealth of Australia, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and British Overseas Territories and Britannic Crown dependencies, and New Zealand, respectively.

The Mucho Holdings Company is the Trustee for the:

  • Australian Mucho Gold Fund,
  • the Sadiqah Enterprises,
  • the Mucho Research & Development Initiative,
  • the Mucho Manufacturing Industries,
  • the Mucho Mining Corporation, and
  • the Mucho Real Estate Fund.

The Mucho Holdings Company is also the Settlor for the Mucho EdTech Company and Appointor for the Yallamcharuvu Family Trust.

The Mucho Holdings Company is a Shareholder of: